I’ve been rehearsing to write this testimonial for some weeks now. Today, it occurred to me that I have resisted producing this text because the very idea that flat 18B Bemuurde Weerd OZ will close feels very strange; or that The Grand Domestic Revolution will come to an end. I don’t think that things should last forever, on the contrary. But I would like to have spent more time there, to have been able to return and dedicate more time to reflection about all the complexities implied in this research before writing about my experience.

My first work at Casco was a small gesture of reaction to the Many Furniture project, which comprised of a handful of furniture pieces scattered around the house, each piece painted according to a colour system, indicating the intended different uses: one set allocated to the individual artist dwelling in the space, another for the collective use of artists, another for families, and further bigger sets for use in the days of public activity. I had proposed to experiment the individual artist system, the ones painted bright red. I made use of a red single bed, a red table, a red chair and a red stool, which served as a bedside table. I felt the lack of a space to keep the books I was using during the residency, so I decided to paint part of the bookshelf – originally painted lilac, the colour for art collectives – red. Besides, as a small protest against the system instituted by the architects, I painted one of the many stools for the days of public activity yellow. This action was dubbed More Furniture – red bookshelf and yellow stool. (more…)